[permaculture] Crabgrass, Bermuda grass, etc.

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 04:20:31 EDT 2007

  Plantain will grow pretty much anywhere. If anything, my fields with
  crabgrass have worse drainage than other places.
  Regarding the rye, I have bad news. The crabgrass already shows
  through the patches where I had rye in the winter. The rye does of
  course display allelophatic properties towards weeds; however, the
  allelophatic function weakens after you cut the rye, even if you leave
  the straw as mulch. This makes the rye option useless for me since
  I don’t have enough humidity to grow rye in the summer.
  I will try seeding the plantain into the crabgrass invested fields.
  Dieter Brand

Paul Cereghino <paul.cereghino at comcast.net> wrote:  I associate plantain with poor winter drainage. Perhaps that is what the 
crabgrass can't take. I recall from unknown sources that winter rye is 
allelopathic, and so makes a good smother crop -- so confirmation 
through hearsay.
Paul Cereghino

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