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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Jun 18 01:55:23 EDT 2007

Primal Parent wrote:

> i promised to avoid Political arguments from now on, but i just had to jump 
> in here and say that i feel there were some cheap shots taken at graham 
> (especially in attempting to apply the 'Authoritarian' label on him).  he 
> has done some amazing work and inspired tons of individuals and i dont think 
> that should be dismissed with a wave of the hand and the word 'privileged' 
> (as if 99% of us on here aren't).

I completely agree. Its hard to imagine anyone in such a snit that they would vent
in his direction. I hear that pilgrims pay homage to Sir Grahame many times annualy
just to partake of his fine company.

> to paraphrase wendell berry, "well, if white men have the most influence on 
> the world, then i guess it's good that i am a white man...'cause now i can 
> influence people to start living in balance. and besides, if it's not a good 
> thing...well it's not like i had any choice in the matter"

That is a great statement.

> you should check out what spiralseed is doing.


"Spiralseed is a small independent publishing venture founded by Graham Burnett in 2001, for the purpose of sharing 
information as well as producing and distributing literature, artwork and other media. Our titles include books, 
pamphlets and DVDs about permaculture, veganism, human ecology, composting toilets and organic gardening."


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