[permaculture] Crabgrass, Bermuda grass, etc.

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I fried my Bermuda and Kikuyu grass using black plastic tarps. None to be
found now.

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Many thanks to all who replied in this thread. Apart from crabgrass 
  and Bermuda grass, there is also Kikuyu Grass. We are blessed with
  all three of them. Among the 3 methods for controlling this type of
  - applying lime,
  - spreading partially decayed wood mulch
  - growing rye or ryegrass,
  I like the rye or ryegrass best, since it permits to grow new biomass 
  in the process. I actually had some patches with rye and ryegrass in 
  the winter, so far they seem to be free of crabgrass, but the real test 
  will come in the summer.
  I also noticed that places with plantago lanceolata and plantago maior 
  (plantain) are free of crabgrass, but I don't know how effective they 
  are for combating this type of grass.
  Dieter Brand 

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