[permaculture] Ethanol fuel, gas prices, food prices, deforestation

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Jun 17 18:59:05 EDT 2007

Robert Waldrop wrote:
> A lot of folks are trying to make much hay out of 
> the supposed refinery shortage.  But the real 
> problem is peak oil.  Why should an international 
> oil corporation invest big bucks to expand its 
> refining capacity when soon there won't be enough 
> crude oil? 

Where did you get this information
Do you regard that source as credible?
Do you believe that theory as opposed to
that of "keeping gas prices artificially high
while they invest in ethanol production (or corn commodity
or stocks in gmo's, ethanol distribution and sales, etc.)"

> The refinery shortage is going to 
> resolve itself in the near term by being exposed 
> as a "crude oil shortage".  World oil production 
> peaked in May 2005, and it has been all downhill 

Is that from a reliable source?

> since then.  not a very steep decline, but a 
> decline nevertheless.  It remains to be seen if 
> May 2005 was "it", or a bump on a plateau, but in 
> this case it is best to not bet against Mother 
> Nature nor the Laws of Thermodynamics.
> Bob Waldrop, OKC

What we need to be doing is:

1) keep drinking water pure and unpolluted
2) recycle solid waste:
- metals
- toxic metals
- plastics
- wood products
3) recycle clean compostable solid waste products
- food waste
- wood products waste
- biomass: certain clean industrial and manufacturing byproducts, landscape waste & paper products
- humanure
4) Use the output of 3) to grow trees, ornamental landscapes, more biomass, wood products and
    plants that can be turned into paper
5) Use the output of 3)
- to grow perennial and tree food crops, grains, hay forage
- for forest farming
- to create pastures for free-range, pastured and grass fed livestock
- use the cleanest to grow food crops

Society needs to adjust to efficient recycling of humanure, preferably through onsite, residential
biological systems that work through all seasons. I have some ideas on the drawing board for
a family-sized system that is connected to a residential structure. It uses concrete, concrete block,
AAC insulating block (Aercon) or rigid foamboard, glass or clear polycarbonate, nontoxic pressure treated lumber,
recycled composite plastic lumber offering options, with provision for squat or elevated conventional position
and standing. Simple, durable, indestructible, sanitary and reliable.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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