[permaculture] Ethanol fuel, gas prices, food prices, deforestation

Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
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A lot of folks are trying to make much hay out of 
the supposed refinery shortage.  But the real 
problem is peak oil.  Why should an international 
oil corporation invest big bucks to expand its 
refining capacity when soon there won't be enough 
crude oil?  The refinery shortage is going to 
resolve itself in the near term by being exposed 
as a "crude oil shortage".  World oil production 
peaked in May 2005, and it has been all downhill 
since then.  not a very steep decline, but a 
decline nevertheless.  It remains to be seen if 
May 2005 was "it", or a bump on a plateau, but in 
this case it is best to not bet against Mother 
Nature nor the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Bob Waldrop, OKC

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food prices, deforestation

Interesting piece of news. Now gas prices will 
stay high, food prices will go up, deforestation 
will increase
and gmo pollen & pest control chemical pollution 
from the growing of gmo crops will increase. How 
exactly is ethanol
fuel used? Many vehicles with rubber o-rings, 
seals and gaskets would probably be at risk from 
high alcohol-content road
fuel. How do they deal with that? - LL
Gasoline refinery expansions scaled back

Consumer advocates maintain the oil industry likes 
it that way.

"By creating a situation of extremely tight 
supply, the oil companies gain control over price 
at the wholesale level,"
says Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of 
America. He argues the refining industry "has no 
interest in creating
spare (refining) capacity."

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