[permaculture] Seedballs

Lunaflora21 at aol.com Lunaflora21 at aol.com
Sun Jun 17 13:51:46 EDT 2007

Hi there. Seedballs, in my experience work better when used on a large  
expanse of area, otherwise they seem to not be worth it, as broadcasting  straight 
seed seems to have a higher germination and overall success rate for  smaller 
areas (plus, straight seed broadcasting is less input in all  aspects).  Size 
of seedball could also determine success rate, and may be  something you want 
to experiment with.  With larger seedballs we had  somewhat successful 
germination rates of a few native species (which made for  increased biodiversity 
within the seedballs' area, while smaller seedballs had  somewhat higher 
germination rates, and made for more evenly dispersed  biodiversity throughout the 
whole area that we seedballed.  We were also  doing seedbombing as guerilla 
restoration of vacant lots in our town, so the  smaller seedballs made for less 
attention drawn to our activities, but you're  probably not concerned with the 
attention aspect.   Also, the  type of clay used may effect the germination 
rates.  I would recommend not  using the gray potter's clay, but instead using red 
powdered clay (more  nutrients and easier to mix), then mixing in dry compost 
and your seeds at the  same time, and then wetting the mixture and balling it 
up. Well, hope this  helps...let us know how your project turns out!! Would 
love to hear  about your success rates! Good luck to you.

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