[permaculture] BodyPolictic-Political Humor-Congress Votes to Outsource Presidency!

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Jun 17 13:46:45 EDT 2007

Kenneth Benway wrote:
> LL,
> Well I've got to be honest with you Lawrence; I'm going to need a little
> time to respond to most of these comments. 
> I find it sad that you took offense.

OT = Off Topic

And this:

 > Hell, the little punk
 > should have hit the 12 year Water Oak. That would have stopped him dead.
 > Might even have killed him but I doubt it. I'm mad but I didn't want him
 > to die. Maybe I'd take his girlfriend. Too bad I didn't have a brick wall
 > around my perimeter. Put him with inmates out on the highway shoulder.

Can't believe you'd post this drivel. I thiught we were done with stuff when Martin and Tradingpost
exited the forum. And these are the people ssupporting Ron Paul? Doesn't say much for him as a candidate.

> I have a host of other projects as well, many of which involves my
> participation on this list. One of the projects I use this list for
> relates directly to the bioregional design project for Florida, as I'm
> sure you can recognize from the names of some of the topics that I've
> initiated.

I'd suggest you stick to these topics.

> The nut job Ken 

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