[permaculture] The spirit of Martin Naylor is with us still...

rafter t. sass geophaestus at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 17 12:01:01 EDT 2007

How about all creepy venting/ranting, particularly violent and rape 
fantasies, are kept off-list?

>Hell, the little punk
>should have hit the 12 year Water Oak. That would have stopped him dead.
>Might even have killed him but I doubt it. I'm mad but I didn't want him
>to die. Maybe I'd take his girlfriend.Too bad I didn't have a brick wall
>around my perimeter. Put him with inmates out on the highway shoulder.

No question that the event sucked, and gave folks reason to be angry. No 
reason to not be angry as hell at the young person who was driving the car. 
I understand that folks sometimes just need to vent their extreme emotions. 
Public fora are not the place to do it, however. Particularly when our 
revenge fantasies play into the violent culture of incarceration and 
punishment, and goold ol' fashioned Cro-Magnon misogyny as well. Or is there 
some nuance behind "Maybe I'd take his girlfriend," that I'm missing?

So: Be angry. Find willing ears to listen to you vent. Don't vent those 
emotions into a global discussion forum unless you are being very thoughtful 
about what you are saying and how you are saying it.


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