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John Wages jwages at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 17 06:57:31 EDT 2007

Issue #66 of the Permaculture Activist (submission deadline:  Sept. 1) is
about "Animals in Permaculture."  Although we are always open to new ideas,
a few topics of special interest for this issue follow.  If you would like
to submit an article, please do so.  It would be good to let us know in
advance so that we can better plan the layout.  Writer's guidelines are
found at

Possible topics:
miniature livestock (i.e., Dexter cattle, pot-bellied pigs), preferably in
a permaculture setting
poultry forages:  temperate, as well as tropical
low-input systems to feed poultry:  earthworms, mealworms
successful application of ducks for slug control (with specifics)
draft animals
appropriate uses of dogs, cats in a permaculture setting
"wildcrafting" game animals and livestock like guinea fowl, pigeons, quail,
raising rabbits in colonies (warrens)
fencing:  specifics on electric net fencing, living fences, etc.
specifics of successful guilds that incorporate animals
protecting young plantings from wild animals such as deer
humane slaughter methods:  does anyone "gas" chickens on a small scale?
examples of highly integrated systems: 
specific breeds that have advantages in particular permaculture systems
animal health:  holistic approaches, medicinal herbs
beekeeping:  Does anyone keep bees successfully without miticides and
antibiotics and without experiencing CCD?  How do you do it?
insects and other low-on-the-food-chain species (freshwater shrimp) as
human food


John Wages
Guest Editor, Permaculture Activist
jwages at earthlink.net or editor at permacultureactivist.ne

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