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Krista lightleightread at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 17 02:11:23 EDT 2007

--- Adrian Wedd wrote:

>Two hot tips from me this morning with regard
>to this topic.
>1. dump your POP3 client and forward your POP3
>email to your gmail account,if you don't have one,
>it's probably about time you changed that.

Just to make sure that everyone is properly informed
about Gmail....

Gmail "reads" your e-mails in order to tailor the
advertising that is displayed while you read the
e-mail. For instance if you received an e-mail from a
friend who was writing about an upcoming trip, you
might see ads for an airline or hotel. Gmail insists
that no human ever sees the contents of your
correspondence, that it is done automatically by
computers looking for keywords, but just be aware that
they do this before you choose to sign up for an

>From Gmail's website:
"In Gmail, users will see text ads and links to
related pages that are relevant to the content of
their messages..."

Read more at:

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