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Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
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Kathyann wrote:

Welcome. I'll offer you, it helps me to keep a context of a meeting 
where an idea comes to the focus of a circle and all can give their 
perspective of the idea. Unlike many lists the topic is not owned by 
anyone (be it original author or "certified" answerer.) The crux of the 
subject often changes midstream as someone is better understood or a new

idea feeds off the original. All views of the topic are constructive and

responded to so all gain better clarity. Judgment of the assumptions and

validity of other's views are not and burn fast or get ignored but are 
mixed into the topic lines. You'll sift the authors quickly, but then 
someone will surprise by being contextual. Filtering is indeed a 
challenge. Filing to fit my too little time to read is worse. There are 
interesting people here with views similar and different from my own and

wonderful ideas raised that expand reflection and seed new initiatives. 
Thanks for adding yours.



When I read your post I found myself literally washed with tears of
gratitude as your love, compassion and clarity came through in your
speaking. You have touched my heart in some profound way today and for
that I thank you. Isn't it funny how that works? It must be some sort of
vibration thing. 

My intent in my communication is, and will continue to be, to express my
truth to the best of my ability. At times I get scolded and ridiculed
for some of my views but quite honestly I really don't care.
Authenticity has its price. Sometimes speaking our truth causes others
discomfort, and I'm o.k. with that as well. I refuse to take
responsibility for someone else's experience. We are all responsible for
our own experience and personally, I like it that way. Co-dependency
can't get a foot hold and I am truly free to think for myself. 

I appreciate your thoughtful observations and comments regarding the
interactive dynamics of this list. Being still somewhat new here, there
were actually times I've thought maybe I was crazy and not in a
permaculture community. As I've observed some positive shift recently I
think everything's fine just as is and about to get a whole lot better.

 Our work will always be served by continually raising the bar for
excellence in all that we do. Our work is simply too important, and with
time and momentum working against us, it could be tragic to settle for
anything less. I don't think that I'm being negative here, only
realistic. If not us who? If not now, when.

I feel that we are making major headway, and I remain very optimistic.
When I look at the incredible pool of talent we have here just on this
list, including the countless others that share our vision, some that
maybe have  never heard of permaculture , combined with focused intent,
well I think we all know what the likely outcome would be. 

You made a short reference to some of the hassles regarding topic
filtering, and as you have probably noticed by now, I've begun making a
concerted effort to establish a topic naming convention to make related
topics relevant an easy to retrieve. I have given a lot of thought to
this  structure over many years and I am confident that if we give it a
chance, topics and information will be easier to find for everyone. I
encourage everyone to just play and have fun with it. To some the
pathway patterns are intuitive for others it may take a little more time
to see the patterns emerge.

I am not here to tell anyone what to do. We all are free individuals
unique in nature, not unlike what one would expect to find in the

Peace back at you!
With love,

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