[permaculture] bodypolitic-legal-J. Kolenovsky's efforts burned by wayward teenager-current system leaves him frustrated.

J Kolenovsky garden at hal-pc.org
Sat Jun 16 21:39:15 EDT 2007

Ken, thanks. Not many people I tell this to seem to understand. I think
they think its just a yard, fill it in with sand and plant St.
Augustine. No way, Joseeeeeee. I think the little punk ought to pay with
community service. Put him out there with the county inmates picking
trash. That might open his eyes. SOMETHING needs to. When I was that age
and a stunt like that, I got it from the cop, the plaintiff and, oh God,
my dad.

The passenger that was with him is a 17 year old that lives 2 houses
down. His father and I just don't ever see eye to eye. It  turned to be
yelling matches across the street. I went down to the station to get my
"incident report" and Mr. Yeller's name was on the incident report as
the property. Huh? My house is paid for and I didn't know I had a
landlord? Anyway, I asked the police clerk about the error. SHE GOT MAD
at me when I asked for the records be corrected to properly the
incident. ???  THEN, she asked me for i.d. I said, "Why didn't you ask
me for that before?". No comment. But still mad.  This accident happened
at 10:30 p.m. on a Monday night. Quite a few of my neighbors came out to
look at the accident scene. A couple told me what they knew and asked me
to go light on such a sweet kid who had not been drinking. Did they take
a urine test?. Look, folks,that was too much. Good thing I had taken my
medicine that day. Neighbors said Mr. Yeller talked to cop for a good

Well, I approached Mr. Yeller about these facts, he flipped/wigged out
big time, screaming and yelling, ducking behind his car and dashing into
his house screaming, "My attorney told me not to talk to you". Huh?
Whats that all about?

Anyway, I read the biodiesel post and saw an opportunity to rant and
rave. Its not out of me yet but its better.

p.s. What really, really heart me the most was that my Mexican Plum
(Prunus mexicana) was 5 years old, 15 feet tall with a caliper of 12
inches and 1 or 2 years away from bearing fruit.
For those of you who don't know, this tree produces a tart little plum
that are about an inch to 1 1/2 inches long and are simply delightful in
pies. I am not kidding. Try some, sometimes. If you are in a zone to
grow these, buy a small tree and grow one. Mine was a 5 gallon when I
got it. What happened to the tree is that he knocked it down to within
35 degrees of the ground.  Its not totally uprooted and still has all
its leaves 5 weeks after the accident. I was thinking of getting 2 other
guys and straightening it with rope and anchoring it down securely while
bracing it with wood. However, its doing well or seems to be and I feel
its been through enough stress this spring and to erect it in the winter
when its dormant. Probably use blankets and pine straw to cover the root
ball against freezes. Heck, with global warming, we've been upgraded
from 8b to 9a. We don't them any more, much. Hell, the little punk
should have hit the 12 year Water Oak. That would have stopped him dead.
Might even have killed him but I doubt it. I'm mad but I didn't want him
to die. Maybe I'd take his girlfriend.Too bad I didn't have a brick wall
around my perimeter. Put him with inmates out on the highway shoulder.

My big beef is that he "failed to maintain control of the vehicle" and
he should be punished accordingly.

Discombulated, consternated and constipated J.

p.s. Ken, I like that. All of his courses should environmental courses.
That's good.

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J. Kolenovsky wrote:

"Huh! A 17 year old doing 20 mph over posted speed limit, ran the corner
stop where I live and crashed into my native plant habitat. DIDN'T GET A
TICKET. Well, that does it for volunteering civil service."

I think this is outrageous! This teenage punk must be punished severely.
Not only must this individual be required to repair the damage he caused
but he could be required to do additional community service as well,
like cleaning trash from other native sites along the roadway as well as
writing an essay on the value of native habitats. After the completion
of this community service he might be more careful how he drives. Who
knows, he might even become interested in doing a permaculture design


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