[permaculture] filtering for topic preferences on this list.

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Sat Jun 16 11:56:55 EDT 2007

Kenneth Benway wrote:
> Hello to all Permaculture list participants:
> I have only been plugged into this list for a little over a week or so.
> So I guess I'm somewhat of a rookie. Since the beginning of my
> participation I have been amazed at the breadth of knowledge and
> information being communicated in this community. I wonder how this ever
> got by me. Anyway I'm here now and I sincerely appreciate all of you
> from around the globe. This list has become my prime source for
> Permaculture dialogue.
Welcome. I'll offer you, it helps me to keep a context of a meeting 
where an idea comes to the focus of a circle and all can give their 
perspective of the idea. Unlike many lists the topic is not owned by 
anyone (be it original author or "certified" answerer.) The crux of the 
subject often changes midstream as someone is better understood or a new 
idea feeds off the original. All views of the topic are constructive and 
responded to so all gain better clarity. Judgment of the assumptions and 
validity of other's views are not and burn fast or get ignored but are 
mixed into the topic lines. You'll sift the authors quickly, but then 
someone will surprise by being contextual. Filtering is indeed a 
challenge. Filing to fit my too little time to read is worse. There are 
interesting people here with views similar and different from my own and 
wonderful ideas raised that expand reflection and seed new initiatives. 
Thanks for adding yours.


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