[permaculture] Infeasible power fantasies (Was: Energy-Energy Policy-Bioregional Design-The Sustainability of Biofuels.US.FL)

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Fri Jun 15 23:02:39 EDT 2007

On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, Robyn Francis wrote:
> Solar Voltaics are only one means of solar power generation. Many of the
> new solar thermal systems actually peak at 2am so the issue and some store
> heat to generate energy for several days. The only issue then is backup for
> extended cloudy wet periods.

 Hi Robyn,

 Are these the things that look like a black corrugated iron roof,
 and that get stupidly hot in even the mildest heat .. ?  I've seen
 these, and am expect I'll head down that path for my own hot
 water system.  Do you have some pointers to manufacturer or retail
 pages of the 2am-peak style systems that you're referring to?

 As you say, storage of energy becomes the big one, and this is
 why solar will always be a component of a green energy provisioning
 system .. until room temperature superconductors are invented,
 that is.


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