[permaculture] Politics and Permaculture

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right, which is why i originally put quotation marks around the word 
"society". which has both good connotations (i like to socialize, or a 
social gathering) and bad connotations (socialism, socialist). from an 
anthropological standpoint cities are sedentary populations of people so 
large that they require the importation of resources. sedentary groups of 
people in collectives small enough to be self-sufficient are not cities but 
rather villages, and towns falling inbetween as a transition category. for 
me, permaculture is about re-establishing villages i.e. self-sufficiency, 
not dependency on the government (or not dependent on an established social 
order). i appologize to all if this appears as a semantical argument but for 
me i am trying to make a point that it is the social system that is 
inheritently flawed and therefore no benevolent enlightened ruler (nader, 
kucinnich, etc) can "fix it". this is why i included the howard zinn quote. 
the greatest lie or myth of our culture is that our political system is the 
most advance, free, enlightened in the history of mankind. once you believe 
that, then you believe you are fortunate to be a part of it (in other 
words...DEPENDENT). it is an un-natural system that is imposed via suspended 
violence and as such can not be compatible with permaculture, in my view. i 
am withdrawing from the "politics is permaculture" argument and will attempt 
to steer the discussion back to real important issues like seedballing and 

-best wishes

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>Greetings, > "but when those same people are allowed to self-govern within
>the limits > of their bioregion, then history has shown that they will
>evolve to a > "societal > balance" in regards to their ecosystem.
>sometimes referred to as "climax".
>That is a way and one that I support of doing this: Politics is how we
>order society and meet the needs of  society's members."
>The word "politics" comes from Middle French politique, "political" from
>Latin politicus "of citizens" or "the state, civil, civic," from Greek
>politikos "of citizens or the state", from polites, "citizen", from polis,
>Perhaps we need to work with the original meaning of the word rather than
>a reinterpretation.
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