[permaculture] The Sustainability of Biofuels

Kai Vido kaivido at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 15 15:17:22 EDT 2007

I agree with all your points. I think recycling waste cooking oil is a
great idea (I'll soon be running my VW Jetta on fryer oil), but the
ecological problems with large-scale production of any biofuels
outweigh the short-term benefits. All it may do is buy a few more years
of "Happy Motoring" (see James Howard Kunstler's writings) at an
accelerated rate of resource depletion. 

Agriculture systems, transportation systems and many others will need
to be restructured in a major way in the coming decade. Used wisely,
biofuels and many other energy alternatives can help cushion the fall
of the resource-squandering culture we live in, but we need to start
"making other arrangements":


Adopting a Permaculture system is a great way to start!

Kai Vido

--- lbsaltzman at aol.com wrote:

> I certainly think what they did to this person stinks. But I want to
> raise a question about his or her actions. Is buying oil for a car
> that is meant as human food actually sustainable and a good idea? It
> is one thing to use recycled cooking oil and it is another thing to
> use new cooking oil.  I am somewhat dubious about growing fuel crops
> altogether.  With time and effort perhaps this can be done
> sustainably on land not well suited to crops, but the way we are
> going all that is happening is that food prices are being driven up
> and rain forests are being cut down to feed cars not people.

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