[permaculture] Driver Ticketed for Using Biofuel

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I certainly think what they did to this person stinks. But I want to raise a question about his or her actions. Is buying oil for a car that is meant as human food actually sustainable and a good idea? It is one thing to use recycled cooking oil and it is another thing to use new cooking oil.  I am somewhat dubious about growing fuel crops altogether.  With time and effort perhaps this can be done sustainably on land not well suited to crops, but the way we are going all that is happening is that food prices are being driven up and rain forests are being cut down to feed cars not people.

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I read about that, there is a discussion on the slashquirer. He was
ctually paying more for fuel and got busted by revenuers. He's lucky
hey didn't take a pickaxe to his car like the old still down by the

On Wed, 2007-06-13 at 21:12 -0400, Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:
> Bob Teixeira decided it was time to take a stand against U.S. dependence on 
 foreign oil. 
 So last fall the Charlotte musician and guitar instructor spent $1,200 to 
 convert his 1981 diesel Mercedes to run on vegetable oil. He bought soybean 
 in 5-gallon jugs at Costco, spending about 30 percent more than diesel would 
 His reward, from a state that heavily promotes alternative fuels: a $1,000 
 fine last month for not paying motor fuel taxes. He has been told to expect 
 another $1,000 fine from the federal government.
 To legally use veggie oil, state officials told him, he would have to first 
 post a $2,500 bond. 
 Teixeira is one of a growing number of fuel-it-yourselfers -- backyard 
 brewers who recycle restaurant grease or make moonshine for their car tanks. 
hey do 
 it to save money, reduce pollution or thumb their noses at oil sheiks.
 They're also caught in a web of little-known state laws that can stifle 
 energy independence. [.....]
 "...officials say they'll keep pursuing taxes on all fuels used in highway 
 vehicles. With its 29.9-cent a gallon gas tax, the state collects $1.2 billion 
> each year to pay for road construction."
 Damn hippies...
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