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To anyone who may care,

As I have begun the process of learning more about the constitution and
the historical context in which it was written I have developed a
growing appreciation for the wisdom it contains.
When it was written the King of England was the only sovereign. He ruled
by an authority that he claimed by divine right. 
The founding fathers of our republic knew that we are all equally
sovereign. That the king has no authority over the individual and some
were willing to die for their sovereignty rather than be slaves to a

Today we are faced with a similar dynamic. The labels are different, the
game of the repressive elite has become more sophisticated, but it is
essentially the same.

The degree to which our liberties have been compromised becomes
painfully evident when we take the plethora of laws and regulations that
have accumulated over time (let's just address the federal laws for now)
and pass them through the filter of the constitution.

One can see that at the central government level, the constitution only
lists three crimes, all other criminal or civil laws are relegated to
the states or local communities to deal with as their collective
sovereign body politic chooses.
The crimes specifically listed in the constitution are: Treason, Piracy,
and Counterfeiting.
We could continue this process and pass the constitution thru the filter
of permaculture as well. I have begun this process and I'm amazed at how
well this document aligns with permaculture. There are clearly issues
that are not addressed in the document but that was not its intent. The
constitution is a framework or body that is designed to protect our
freedom and empower us as individuals to resolve conflicts peacefully
between us at the local level.

But what happens when certain individuals we choose to entrust operate
in a manner that is clearly a violation of constitutional law and has
negative consequences not only to our nation but the world community as

We can impeach them, prosecute them, and put them away in a manner that
they can no longer cause harm to our fellow sovereigns whether at the
local, national or global level.

Upon examining the behavior of individual representatives in OUR
government, that we have entrusted, and that have taken an oath to
uphold the constitution, we can see that the levels of criminal behavior
taking place are astonishing to say the least.

This is for many, a cause for despair and manifests itself in the body
politic in a variety of ways such as hopelessness, apathy, cynicism,
anger disempowerment of the individual, and loss of our personal freedom
just to name a few.

As permaculture visionaries and practitioners we have all chosen our
roles to play and many have chosen to play many roles. The powers of
thoughtful observation of our environment, then reflecting upon those
observations, and then taking action based on those reflections is for
me, the most powerful tool available to us as permaculturists. It is
this process that allows us to grow and contribute in a manner that
moves us all toward our ultimate vision.  

In my daily life I choose to play many roles. One of the roles that I
now choose to play has to do with taking our republic back from a
collective group of criminals, liars and thieves that could care less
about our rights as individuals. Regardless of their rhetoric they
simply do not care, this is easily observed by their behavior.

How would we deal with a member of our tribe or even a neighboring tribe
that conducted themselves in this manner? Would we ignore it and just
hope it would go away? Would we just give up and find another place to
live? Would we just let ourselves become slaves? I don't think so. 

What this is leading to is a question. Who is up for playing the role
necessary to bring these criminals to justice? Obviously I can't do it
alone. Fortunately there are many of us that are choosing to take this
on. Collectively, by focusing our energy in a productive manner we can
win this battle. Perhaps the most effective method I've seen so far is
to simply communicate to them that we've got their number, that we are
watching them carefully, that we are mad as hell and we are not going to
take it anymore.

I don't know what the best approach is with regard to dealing with this
serious issue. But collectively I know that we can begin to develop
strategies that will get the job done.

Sincerely, your fellow permaculture warrior,


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