[permaculture] Politics and Permaculture

permafrog at riseup.net permafrog at riseup.net
Fri Jun 15 07:58:24 EDT 2007

Greetings, > "but when those same people are allowed to self-govern within
the limits > of their bioregion, then history has shown that they will
evolve to a > "societal > balance" in regards to their ecosystem.
sometimes referred to as "climax".

That is a way and one that I support of doing this: Politics is how we
order society and meet the needs of  society's members."

The word "politics" comes from Middle French politique, "political" from
Latin politicus "of citizens" or "the state, civil, civic," from Greek
politikos "of citizens or the state", from polites, "citizen", from polis,

Perhaps we need to work with the original meaning of the word rather than
a reinterpretation.


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