[permaculture] filtering for topic preferences on this list.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Jun 14 15:43:12 EDT 2007

Kenneth Benway wrote:
> To the Global Permaculture Community:
>  I just have a suggestion that might work well for some list readers. I
> am using Outlook for my email tool; many of you may be using it as well.
> Even though there are a host of these applications, most of the ones
> I've seen have similar features.

Thats the worst, most virus and spam vulnerable, with the least useful features, email client in existence.
Maybe that's what keeps the Repubs in such a snit; in their demonstration of obesience
to the corporate godz, specifically Mickeysoft, they strap on the OE chastity belt
and suffer with all the worst email woes of the modern age, without whining or complaining
or voting to curb corporate concessions.

> What has helped me keep my inbox clean is to sort thru the inbox and
> file the ones you want to keep into categories that work for you.
> Usually this simply involves a right mouse click. I realize that many
> may already be doing this, but I expect some don't know about this or
> their software may not have this feature.

The solution is easy. Get Firefox and Thunderbird (email client).
Create folders then create filters for all your email categories
that automagically dump selected, filtered email into specified folders.
Use the built-in spam filtering feature and train it.

> By doing this you may easily refer to topics that you want to read on
> the list but don't have the time to read right now. This is a great way
> to keep the inbox clean and have easy access to your unread as well as
> read emails, by topic or other categories as you choose.

Filtering email you want to save into folders is a great way to create topical archives for yourself. The
files Thunderbird (and Mozilla and Netscape) creates that represent these folders are actually Unix mailbox files and
are portable into your Linux mail installation. You can even create mail-to-html web archives for your website with them 

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net

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