[permaculture] metric vs Imperial [was: quarter acre in size]

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I live in Austin Texas and cannot find a hose with a fitting attached
that is a  metric measurement. I need it to screw to the threaded water
drainline of a portable a/c. I have looked at every web page and made
numerous calls and no luck.
I bought it from a company in Calif, Sunpentown; it says it's made in
the states, no one has metric plumbing parts here. Most stores say this
is only the beginning "we're getting lots of faucets from elsewhere and
the furniture store IKEA that just opened here , "   many items are
metric, no support system for us poor fools who didn't know better and
have metrically measured stuff (brand new).
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"..........Metric is great in scientific work. It tickles me that the SI
units for
density, viscosity, area, length, and velocity all cancel out in the
Reynolds number. Around scientists or those whose only exposure to
measurement is metric (poor sods!), I use metric. Around non-eggheads in
US I use US Imperial. In Canada I use metric with the younger people and
English Imperial with the older. Point is, most measuring is of the
vernacular kind: people cooking, filling fuel tanks, cutting boards. I
need the Reynolds number that often. But setting up rainwater catchment
a cubic foot of water holding about 7.5 gallons, or putting teaspoons
quarts never seemed too daunting. The mind is flexible enough to juggle
feet, miles, pints, cubits, cun, and all the other oddities that have
accumulated via the untidy process of history. Metric slashes all that
for the sake of logic........."

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