[permaculture] Why politics matters to Permaculture

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 12:57:11 EDT 2007

Today, AlterNet features an article about the misbegotten Bush junta's 
deployment of US military might into all the oil bearing regions of the 
planet.  If this holds, imperialism won't begin to describe US global 
dominion.  The US could wage war now from more than 730 permanent bases 
on Earth.  All US wars are commercially driven.  These wars will be 
meant to maintain the "American lifestyle" at the expense of the rest of 
Earth's people.  Where there are soldiers, there is usually war.  Where 
locals have something the US wants, there is always war.  The US has 
never left the position of economic war brought into reality by being 
created by the Constitution as the only market society on Earth.  My 
country wages economic war on the entire planet every day all day long.  
The subjugation of Native peoples was economic war, the goal being to 
force the people into a money economy.  The subjugation of the people 
native to any place containing something the US wants is the bottom line 
of all these US military bases.  Let there be no mistaking the aim of 
this program.  It was designed in the 90s as the Plan for a New American 
Century and the Bush junta has never, for one second, wavered from 
enacting this plan.

"American interests" are always economic.

Go to www.newamericancentury.org to read the plan.  This plan is 
designed to suppress all overt global resistance to US economic dominance. 

As the story in AlterNet confirms, the plan is in full force, with 
billions of dollars per day going into building these bases.  There's 
one near you, wherever you are.  The story is at 

No one flies under this radar.

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX

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