[permaculture] greenschooling

tom tom at honeychrome.com
Thu Jun 14 09:27:30 EDT 2007

Greenschooling has a nice ring to it.
As you mentioned homeschooling you may already have read it, but if  
not I urge you to read John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of  
American Education.  Though he sometimes veers a little far into  
conspiracy speculation and libertarian perspective for my personal  
taste it is an amazing book- after reading it you will not think  
about education, and particularly compulsory public education, in the  
same way again.  Its also interesting to look back at one's own  
educational experience through the lens of Gatto's book- it went a  
long way to helping me understand why I always felt so ripped-off by  
my schooling (and even more impressed and grateful to my parents for  
the real education they imparted to me).  Keep us all posted on your  
progress with greenschooling!

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