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Michelle Maggiore mmaggior at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 14 12:55:33 EDT 2007

Hi Jenny ~

I love the word "greenschooling".....
I am  a homeschooling /permaculturist mom with three kids ages 10-14, and some of my favorite resources lately are

A canadian based magazine in print and online called: www.greenteacher.com 
The family in Calif on 1/4 acre doing awesome things: www.pathtofreedom.com
These books:
 "Teaching as a Subversive Activity"
"Food not Lawns" by H. Flores (excellent resources section)
"The Earth User's Guide to Permaculture" and its teacher's notes (sold separately)by Rosemary Morrow
"A Children's Food forest"  and its corresponding "food Forest Resource Sheets" both by Carolyn Nuttall.

These magazines:
New Moon magazine
Orion magazine
Permaculture Magazine

Also, my kids really loved segment 4 of the Global Gardener series, where they show a very green dev't in California (Village Homes)- it always gives our family something to aspire to, and :imagine". We really want to take a field trip out there sometime soon, looks like heaven to me.

Additionally, I was originally inspired to move to this area partly because of all the great things going on related to concern about the environment, and one of the outstanding examples was a school based mainly on Ecology and Arts. My kids have taken a few classes there, and the founder (Ernie Reed) is one of the writers of the holisitic homeschool curriculum, Oak Meadow. I do not use Oak Meadow, but many of my friends love it, and it is a  very green-friendly  template. I believe the LEC school picks up where Oak Meadow leaves off, in about 8th grade, but here is their website, and I am certain Ernie would have some more good information for you if you care to contact him. 

Have fun!

Michelle in VA

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