[permaculture] Politics and Permaculture

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
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Respectfully, I don't agree with your assessment that a political
discussion has no relevance to Permaculture. In my view it is the single
most important topic in the realm of Permaculture.

You are absolutely right with regard to how main stream politics is
operating at this point in time. We have become nothing short of slaves
under the current system. I have a real problem when governments step
over the line and interfere with my sovereignty.

The purpose of government is to serve us in the manner of our collective
choosing. When I present an individual that I feel is worthy of my
support it is because they stand 100% for my values. I refuse to vote
for the lesser of two evils. I've tried that and not only does it not
work but ultimately I must live with myself.
Unfortunately we have labels to deal with and as a consequence they, by
there very nature obscure the true nature of any individual. The
individuals that I choose to support are about restoring power back to
the people; otherwise I would have nothing to do with them.

Politics does not mean that we have to accept the premise of delegating
our power. There are many examples in the political landscape that take
a stand for liberty without government interference, not to mention that
metaphors abound in the natural world that illustrate natural laws of
cooperation. Politics is about policy and supporting policy that is in
harmony and balance with natural laws that serve the whole.
I am looking forward to your involvement in the bioregional design
project for the Republic of Florida.


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Sorry, I honestly don't see how politics connects very
well to permaculture. To me, the emphasis of politics
is competing interests, and the parties continually
attempt to create divisions and competition even where
none exist to establish their bases. OTOH,
permaculture emphasizes unity in caring for others.

Further, as someone else said, politics relies on
delegating power to others; permaculture involves
taking power back. Politics generates blame;
permaculture takes responsibility.

Ken, I may come by one of your info sessions to say hi
this weekend and will e-mail you.


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