[permaculture] filtering for topic preferences on this list.

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
Thu Jun 14 09:29:55 EDT 2007

Hello to all Permaculture list participants:

I have only been plugged into this list for a little over a week or so.
So I guess I'm somewhat of a rookie. Since the beginning of my
participation I have been amazed at the breadth of knowledge and
information being communicated in this community. I wonder how this ever
got by me. Anyway I'm here now and I sincerely appreciate all of you
from around the globe. This list has become my prime source for
Permaculture dialogue.
This list experience for me has, at times been painful as well. What do
I mean by that? What I mean is that I have observed numerous instances
of personal attacks on individuals that from what I can tell are mostly
unprovoked, myself included. Upon reflection I was pondering how much
human potential energy has been wasted as a result of this unproductive
dialog (some of it generated by myself, I admit).I would also like to
share that I do not take these attacks personally. Fortunately I've been
blessed with a menu of tools that allow me to go inside and transcend
the illusion of duality.

In addition, I have been observing a pattern of complaints related
specifically to the bombardment of topics that have no interest to some.
I can appreciate the frustration of opening up your mail box and being
bombarded by a hundred emails where you may be interested in a few.
After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that due to
the high level of participation on this list as well as the huge variety
of topics being discussed that a blog might be a better format to
encompass the breadth of topics. The advantages of the blog format are
numerous, two being the ability to see the history surrounding a
specific topic as well as graphics capability.
My question is; does anyone have a favorite blog site that breaks down
into topical areas? By that I mean one that has the global power of
participation that we observe on this list, but more importantly one
that allows someone to enter a specific topic area and converse with
individuals that are truly interested in that topic.

I would appreciate having this information if anyone is able to provide

Ken Benway
Arcadian Design
St Petersburg Fl


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