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Thu Jun 14 05:30:46 EDT 2007

Dear Jenny, with two children of 6 and 10, and with the plan of setting up a
natural school on 22 hectares of natural farm close to Florence, Italy; I'd
like very much to keep in touch with your efforts.

Good Luck


On 6/14/07, Jenny Katz <jennykatz at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hi all--
> I've been playing around with something I'm calling "greenschooling"--
> education in the permacultural mold, which is to say: environmentally
> based, but taking nature as structure and model rather than just as
> subject matter. Greenschooling, in other words, is education that
> grows the awareness of learning (and living) in relationship. All
> knowledge, of course, as I don't need to tell you permies, exists in
> relationship; the patterns of "knowledge" and "truth," like the
> patterns of "tree" or "zone one," emerge as a relationship between
> knower and known, between self and environment, between fact and
> context.
> I'm trying to figure out what to do with these ideas. I'd be
> homeschooling, but my ex-husband says no, so I'm trying to see the
> gift in that and develop something greater--a solution that benefits
> not only my own two kids (ages 6 and 10) but also helps other
> families, too. I'm interested in developing a series of simple
> techniques (awareness techniques, maybe) that anyone, of any age,
> could implement at any time to increase his or her understanding of
> these patterns, these relationships. I don't want to create a new
> curriculum; instead, I want to shape a lens for understanding the
> indivisible classroom--the curriculum that the world is presenting us
> at all times. It's easy to see and feel the connections when we're in
> the garden or in the woods; harder to do so during math class or the
> dentist appointment. But they're no less valid, and no less present,
> in math class. I want to try and figure out some ways to make this
> clear.
> I'm gonna get a website up soon, either at greenschooling.com or at
> indivisibleclassroom.com. If anyone has any suggestions of great
> resources or great people, I'd love to hear...
> yours,
> Jenny in Connecticut
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