[permaculture] Politics-Is it relevant to Permaculture?

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
Wed Jun 13 14:15:35 EDT 2007

	I am speaking from the perspective of an individual living
within the belly of the beast sort to speak. I am quite aware of the
global dynamics of American Imperialism. The policies of the United
States government and their corporate and banking controllers have and
continue to wreak havoc on our country and the planet. A discussion on
how to best reverse the insane policies of the U.S Government has a
direct bearing on the entire global community. This is why it is so
important that we cause a shift to sane government in this country. I am
on your side. We must win this battle in the U.S. or our freedoms here
will be lost and our planet and all her people will continue to suffer
as a result.

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On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, bwaldrop at cox.net wrote:
> But the focus
> remains on US Imperial politics, when this discussion group in fact is
> international in its scope.  Not everybody shares a fascination with
> Imperial politics.

 Just so.  There was a state election here a few months ago and
 at no point did I see any need to tell anyone else who to vote for,
 or indeed to even mention it, despite some potentially humorous
 anecdotes involving the gun club nutters sitting outside the polling
 booth on the day, or droll historical references to country member

 Anyway, I think I can speak for what I like to think of as The Rest
 Of The World, when I say that we're all pretty disappointed that
 out of ~ 300 million people, the best you could come up with
 was that.  Or rather, them.


 I mean .. really.  Any subsequent discussions emanating from
 your colony can't really be expected to be taken seriously by
 the rest of us.  So shoosh now.

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