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I have slightly over a quarter an acre of land with a house of 1750 square feet.  Here is a rough inventory of what is on that land.  

4 Overstory trees
80 Food bearing trees, mostly fruit with some nut and edible seed trees.
a variety of berries and gooseberry.  
Numerous perennial vegetables including artichokes, chayote, Cannas, hot chile pepper bushes, sweet potatos and misc. other plants.
There is still room for annual vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, roses and other plants.

We are not yet at the maximum number of useful plants and treesout yet on what can be planted on this size plot.

Larry Saltzman

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1/4 acre =
1/10 hectare
0,890 square feet
012 square metre
0 square rods
 standard UK allotment plots of 10 poles or rods, usually 30 by 91 feet
How much space would you use for your house, shed, and greenhouse?  For the
urposes of the discussion experiment, assume that four people live and eat
Where is your plot?  What natural resources does it have?
What do you think would be good dimensions for the plot?  Nearly square
ould require the least fencing compared to a rectangular plot, but
esthetically people usually prefer a plot that is in the ratio of about 1
nit to 3 units.  For other favorite ratios, consider standard paper or
hotograph sizes.
How would you lay out the various sections of the plot?
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