[permaculture] Politics-Socialism-What's good about it?

Silvio Marquardt marquardtsilvio at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 12:47:29 EDT 2007

Hi Ken,

Yes I do agree. However that involves a lot of "political muscles" and I mean direct action, party politics.
Could we say that this is closer to what the "bioregionalists" say and not "socialism" (As commonly defined) ?
Would Permaculture be a strategy to a kind of bioregional politics..Maybe closer to the communist anarchism of Piotr Kropotkin ?


Kenneth Benway <ken at arcadiandesign.org> wrote: One of the reoccurring themes that I've discovered when examining
socialism in context of the political garden is that although there are
many toxic weeds in the socialism patch, there are two flowers that I
like, and that I feel should be nurtured. They are:
1. That the people should control the use of our natural resources, not
the corporations or their special interests.
2. That the people should control the means of production, not the
corporations or their special interests.
I find these values completely congruent with the values of permaculture
and I would encourage everyone to feed them well.


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