[permaculture] Looking for some permaculture-ish lists on specific topics

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Wed Jun 13 09:31:08 EDT 2007

I am searching for some topical lists that are compatible with permaculture goals and would appreciate any leads:

1) Local economic botany lists for any continent or country for id and
collection of intormation about traditional plant uses and any new
scientific investigations.

The only one I know of is US oriented
ForageAhead at yahoogroups.com

and there is a website that has lists of uses but not details mostly from
UK/US sources

and one of North American Native American Ethnobotany

2) Bamboo uses
any sort of use--furniture, garden, transport, food, medicine, fabric, fuel,

3) Strategies for turning local trash into useful objects such as
*making watering cans for the garden from two 18 litre food oil cans
*the sail boat toy made from a broken flip flop shoe, sticks, and a torn
plastic bag that started the toy collection of CCF and National Geographic

4) Complete Nutrition Gardens
I know about
*One Circle by Duhon, Jeavons How to Grow More Vegetables 7th ed book, the
Mexican and Kenyan One circle garden plans available from

*Albie Miles experiment where he grew a complete nutrition garden in 4500
square feet

* 4x4Garden at yahoogroups.com
Discussion of complete nutrition gardens and intensive gardening, and could
benefit from active researchers from a variety of locations

5) Cooking on Fuel Efficient Stoves
* specific culturally appropriate recipes and techniques

6) Water use, movement, storage, conservation, greywater,  etc.

7) Other lists you find useful for a permaculture lifestyle.

gordonse at one.net

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