[permaculture] quarter acre in size

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Tue Jun 12 11:27:35 EDT 2007

In the thread "Definition of area measurement; quarter acre 
in size", I suggested that list participants calculate how many 
rows and beds of vegetables and crops you can fit inside 
a quarter acre.....  a dacha garden, a rood, a country garden
in size.  

It's a practical excercize that could lead into spreadsheets, 
garden planning guides, tables, and crop enterprise budgets 
that you'd want in a permaculture toolbox.  

Along these lines, I call your attention to this classic book of 
agricultural acreage measurements quickly estimated by stepping 
off land in yards, published in 1856, that starts off with the 
following pithy text: 

"The content of land is estimated in acres, roods, and perches, 
forty of which perches make one rood, and four roods make one 

The Farmer's Land-Measurer, or Pocket Companion: Showing, at 
One View, the Content of Any Piece of Land, from Dimensions 
Taken in Yards. With a Set of Useful Agricultural Tables
by James Pedder 
C.M. Saxton Pub Co, New York.  1856.
Making of America (MOA) collection

This book is part of the Making of America (MOA) collection, which
offers page-views of digitized text.

Steve Diver

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