[permaculture] Ron Paul for president of the United States of America

Kenneth Benway ken at arcadiandesign.org
Tue Jun 12 00:49:11 EDT 2007

This is awesome stuff. Thanks to both of you. I must be in the right

Anyway, I'm about to respond to Tommy's attack on the character of Ron
Paul. I actually had a great deal of fun with this as you might imagine.
My first personal, emotional experience however, after reading his post
was one of anger. To me on the deepest level it felt like an assault on
my intelligence. I may not be a rocket scientist but I think I know an
honest, truthful, thoughtful, kind ,full of integrity, loving, and
courageous individual when I see one. The second thing that came up was
that I needed to get out of my head and into the NOW. The anger subsided
and I began to write. Obviously I must have still been quite angry
because after I finished my response I gave it to my wife Susan and a
friend Carol Ann to read and propose edits. They said "don't hit send".
You need to tone it down or it might escalate in a negative and
unproductive manner. They were right, Susan massaged it with her
feminine touch. The result will be sent out shortly along with my
conclusions regarding Ron Paul's clear stand on the abortion issue.
Regarding the environmental concerns as they relate to Ron Paul's
platform, they are still being worked on. I have emailed the
www.RONPAUL2008.com website on two occasions recommending that Ron Paul
get a short course in the art of Permaculture Design. He is a bright
guy, I'm confident he would get the idea pretty quickly. I am confident
that upon examining the nuclear power issue through the lens of
Permaculture he will see it's true folly, especially in a true free
market economy. I have not heard back yet, but I am communicating this
information to the ronpaul2008 meet up group as well so everyone is on
the same page. I suggest that we do as much cross-pollinating as
possible. I am inviting anyone interested to join the Ron Paul
Clearwater Florida Meet Up and observe or chime in. There is a lot of
powerful dialog going on relating to personal freedom and the
constitution. I am also suggesting that Ron Paul supporters get involved
with learning more about permaculture by using this venue as well as

Ken Benway
Arcadian Design

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>think about their politics in light 
>of all that permaculture has to teach us about 
>human culture and its place in the natural 
Thanks Bob -- I use permaculture principles as a kind of whole systems 
analysis frequently in my political practice.  Human associations are 
species with inputs and outputs and processes.  Political design 
involves creating linkages that create beneficial interactions between 
human associations.  Stack cultural functions, assess cultural waste.. 
invest the surplus cultural energy.  If we think we can place our human 
culture in its right relationship to the earth without taming our 
bestial tendancies toward each other then we are sadly mistaken.
Paul Cereghino
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