[permaculture] starting some fruit trees

dwoodard at becon.org dwoodard at becon.org
Mon Jun 11 23:51:55 EDT 2007

I seem to recall that you said your lot was well treed already.

Most fruit tree species that are not in nearly full sun will have quantity
and quality of production severely reduced.

Some possible exceptions:

I have read that Actinia kolomikta (vine), one of the hardy kiwis, prefers
less than full sun. I don't know how this affects its production. I
believe it has male and female vines; one male can pollinate several

I have read a reference to English Morello sour cherry (self-fertile)
producing fruit of superior size and quality on a north wall at Detroit -
but I presume that this tree was fully exposed to morning and afternoon
summer sun. There was no reference to quantity of production.

I have read statements that gooseberries (self-fertile) do fairly well in
less than full sun. Hinnomaki Red is a well liked cultivar, possibly the
best widely adapted and easy to grow cultivar at this time, good for fresh
eating as well as preserves.

I've noticed that in a woods with gaps here in the Niagara Peninsula,
(zone 7a)a raspberry, I think a native species probably Rubus idaeus
(closely related to the cultivated raspberry of Europe) produces well
flavoured fruit rather sparsely. The fruit is hairy but not unpleasantly
so. "Shrubs of Ontario" says its habitat is "chiefly in open areas; talus
slopes, edges of woods, thickets, roadsides, clearings, burns and waste
places." Some other Rubus species are listed as occuring in partly shaded

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

>> should I go
>>ahead and give this a try? Should I start with one tree?

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