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I have a dwarf apple that produces reasonable crops under the conditions you are describing, but not as much as similar trees in the sun.  More to the point, is how good the trees are.  I don't know much about Rural King, but many large chain stores sell junky trees that are not on root stocks appropriate to the soils and other conditions of the local area. You might pay a bit more, but consider finding a smaller ethical nursery that has premium quality trees that are appropriate for your area.  Also look for small dedicated wholesale nurseries that grow interesting heritage cultivars and find out who they retail through.

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Hi all,
Rural King has all their stuff half price which includes some fruit 
rees: apples and pears. I have a pretty shaded yard with some 
nderstory oaks and redbuds in my neighbors yard on the fence line. 
lso I have some 8- 10 ft rose of sharons in the yard. THe total light 
ould be about 5-6 hours full sun (that may be generous) and partial 
un at other times. For about $30 I can get two dwarf apples and a 
warf pear. Since dwarf sized trees can grow on the lot should I go 
head and give this a try? Should I start with one tree?
Any thoughts would be great. I really need to get going with some 
Paul K
rkosuth at ll.net
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