[permaculture] Ron Paul for president of the United States ofAmerica

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I would like to encourage people to connect their 
political posts with permaculture.  I think 
encouraging people to think in permaculture ways 
about their politics is a good thing.  I tend to 
think that permaculture praxis is itself a very 
effective politics these days.  I also think that 
the focus so many people have on Imperial politics 
(of the left, right, and center) is one of many 
distractions that keep us busy at everything 
except those things which really have a chance of 
evolving our system in a more sustainable, just, 
and humane direction.  That trick is much older 
than Machiavelli.

If things could be reformed from the top down, 
well, that would be another situation, but that 
isn't how things are in the real world.  Any 
number of people have tried that in human history, 
often for the best of motives, but somehow they 
always end up turning to the gulag and mass terror 
since people ignorantly and persistently refuse to 
see the wisdom of those who have chosen themselves 
as "leaders". Try grafting pecan wood on a lambs 
quarter plant, and see how effective that top down 
strategy is.  If you grafted your pecan wood onto 
a suitable root stock, however, that promises 

I would not want to see politics banned in our 
discussions here, but I do think that since 
permaculture is the topic of this listserv, folks 
should try to think about their politics in light 
of all that permaculture has to teach us about 
human culture and its place in the natural 

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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>I have to say that I agree with almost everything 
>Tommy said in this
> post
> . "The real terrorists are here, in the US, and 
> they
> hold power, and they hold the country hostage."
> On the radio this morning, Bush was wanting to 
> keep Gonzalez and there
> have been objections and he said, "...my 
> government"
> 'At a news conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, the 
> last stop on a weeklong
> visit to Europe, the president reaffirmed his 
> support for Gonzales, a
> longtime friend and legal adviser.
> "They can have their votes of no-confidence but 
> it's not going to make
> the determination about who serves in my 
> government," Bush said Monday.
> "This process has been drug out a long time. ... 
> It's political."
> Still, few of the Senate's 100 members are 
> rushing to defend
> Gonzales......"'
> Trudie
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> Hi, Lawrence,
> The other thing to consider is that the Repugs 
> own the voting machines
> and the servers upon which the vote is 
> tallied....Tommy
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