[permaculture] Ron Paul for president of the United States of America

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I have to say that I agree with almost everything Tommy said in this
. "The real terrorists are here, in the US, and they 
hold power, and they hold the country hostage."
On the radio this morning, Bush was wanting to keep Gonzalez and there
have been objections and he said, "...my government"

'At a news conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, the last stop on a weeklong
visit to Europe, the president reaffirmed his support for Gonzales, a
longtime friend and legal adviser.

"They can have their votes of no-confidence but it's not going to make
the determination about who serves in my government," Bush said Monday.
"This process has been drug out a long time. ... It's political."

Still, few of the Senate's 100 members are rushing to defend

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Hi, Lawrence,
The other thing to consider is that the Repugs own the voting machines 
and the servers upon which the vote is tallied....Tommy

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