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Karen Potts karen_potts at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 10:31:59 EDT 2007

  BTW, I did go to your website.  Signed up for Sunday 6/17 expo as volunteer 9-11 am and will stay in town the rest of the day.  Will see you then!
  Did not find the info regarding the get-together, maybe I overlooked it. will look again.

Kenneth Benway <ken at arcadiandesign.org> wrote:
I am currently in the process of drafting a response to your attack on
the character of Ron Paul. All of the issues you brought forward in your
response are easy for me to address with the exception of the
environmental issue. The environmental red flag came up after last
Tuesdays debate when during a town hall meeting, although he admitted
that he did not have the answers to our energy problems, he suggested
that nuclear power might be a solution. Obviously this was a cause of
great concern. I have had an additional red flag come up during my
research process. This red flag has nothing to do with the content of
your attack on his character but rather with the abortion issue. These
issues may or may not impact my choice to support him as a presidential
candidate. Regarding my and your environmental concerns, I have written
the Ron Paul campaign office again today in an attempt to get
clarification on the Ron Paul Platform as it relates to global warming,
climate change and the global attack on our environment as a whole. Once
I am able to resolve them I will include my conclusions in the process
of writing my response to you.
Thank you for the time both you and Lawrence have contributed to this
Ken Benway
Arcadian Design
St Petersburg Fl

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