[permaculture] Recommended reading for market and homestead gardeners

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These for starters, from my own library and my online collection of bibliographic references:

Reader's Digest:
"Eat Better, Live Better"
"Back To Basics"

Malabar Farm by Louis Bromfield

New Organic Grower  by Eliot Coleman

Living More With Less
Doris Longacre
a pattern for living with less and a wealth of practical suggestions
from the worldwide experiences of Mennonites

How To Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons

Sell What You Sow! by Eric Gibson

The New Farmers Market:
1001 Ways to Make Market Sales Sizzle!
by Eric Gibson, author of Sell What You Sow!
(posted to a mailing list in 1999)
The New Farmers Market will be based on interviews and questionnaires
with successful farmers market producers, farmers and managers around
the country. Publication date is January of next year. To receive
pricing and ordering information about this new book, send an email
request to egibson at jps.net Be sure to include your mailing
address^×please also send any additional contacts you feel would be
interested. (To see more details, as well as the cover of this book, go
to http://www.jps.net/grower/nfm.html).

Gardening For Profit
A Guide to the Successful Cultivation of the
Market and Family Garden
Peter Henderson
published 1890 reprinted 1991 The American Botanist, Booksellers

"Five Acres and Independence" the old standby

"Ten Acres Enough" (written in 1840)

This will have many familiar titles with book reviews




You will find so much stuff here:



if you can wade through it:
Bibliography of organic gardening and farming books, periodicals
and journals dating from the 1800's to the 1960's. Prepared by
Preston Sullivan (now with A.T.T.R.A., Fayetteville, Ark.) at
North Carolina State University, Dept.of Soil Science (sometime
in the 1970's).
This bibliography is a unique and valuable guide to useful
documents on methods and materials used in organic agriculture.
Released for use by metalab Sustainable Agriculture Archives
by Dr. Larry King, Dept. of Soil Science, N.C.S.U.



Mollison, Bill, Permaculture Two (Tagari Books, 1979, $10.95). These books are responsible for the expanding
permaculture movement.
Philosophy, principles, and specific design information are detailed in both. Written in Australia, many of the species
recommendations are
relevant only for the southern hemisphere, yet the books are important reading for all. Both are available from the
International Tree Crops
Institute, PO Box 666, Winters, CA 95694.

Fukuoka, Masanobu, The One Straw Revolution (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Press, 1978, $9.95). A Japanese natural farmer tells of his
philosophies and techniques - perhaps the most important philosophical work on agriculture ever written.

Smister, Carol, Nature's Design (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Press, 1982). This is the ideal guide book for those interested in
developing site
analysis prior to creating a landscape design. Though not addressing permaculture design, per se, the step by step site
analysis procedure
described is invaluable.

Alexander, Christopher et al., A Pattern Language (New York: Oxford University Press, 1977). This pudgy, expensive book
(about $35) is
worth every penny to those remodeling or landscaping, and is a must for those working in the fields of architecture,
landscape design, and
community design. Human and environmental needs are laid out simply, such as "Southeast sun in the kitchen" with an
explanation and
design suggestions. This is followed by linkages to other patterns such as kitchen garden, and breakfast nook.

Korn, Larry, Barbara Snyder, and Mark Musick, eds., The Future Is Abundant (Tilth Assn., 4649 Sunnyside North, Seattle,
WA 98103, 1982,
$12.95). A resource guide for sustainable agriculture. The numerous addresses and references can save hours of library
research and an
extensive species index will be of great use to those in the Pacific Northwest (USA).

Altieri, Miguel, Agroecology: The Scientific Basis Of Alternative Agriculture (self-published, 1983, $11.00, order from
1050 San Pablo Ave.,
Albany, Ca. 94706). A textbook that describes the science behind ecological agriculture.

Quinney, John, "Designing Sustainable Small Farms And Homesteads" in MOTHER EARTH NEWS, July/August 1984, p. 54. Covers the
design principles, guidelines, as well as the design process.

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