[permaculture] Ron Paul for president of the United States of America

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 10 18:05:59 EDT 2007

> That was very informative. Thanks for going to the trouble of sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.
> There seem to be no worthwhile Republican candidates vying to run in the next election and the Democrats know this.
> If the Democrats give us Barack and/or Hillary for the ballit, as nice and intelligent as they may be on a personal 
> level, what are we, after recovering from a severe slap in the face, to think? That both parties intend to dumb down the 
> American public so they can foist their limited agenda upon them and still get their vote? The Greens don't exist in NC 
> and in most states. That is a real loss. Nader and Perot did their best but got nowhere. McGovern should have won
> against Nixon. Many think that if the Dems offer Barack and/or Hillary instead of many other highly electable, highly 
> competent, personable, popular politicians they will lose the next and probably half dozen more elections; basically 
> saying that they intend for their party to take a dive for the Repubs. That's what it would look like anyway.
> Now, if we could just find a way to fine the enviro/eco/ag polluters to the tune of $1billion and take that money to 
> finance a slick campaign to elect Martin Naylor president on the Republican ticket then we could level the playing 
> field. Then Keith could easily win.
> Seriously, the major reduction in taxes enacted by the Repubs not long ago benefitted many people in the middle class 
> and I'll bet they're grateful and may show it at the polls with their vote. That is something people pay a lot of 
> attention to, a big impact on the pocketbook. The Dems spending on social programs while promoting such things as the 
> lottery don't get votes, especially when the public perception of most politicians in Washington is that they are whores 
> on the take.
> LL
Hi, Lawrence,
The other thing to consider is that the Repugs own the voting machines 
and the servers upon which the vote is tallied.  Another thing to 
consider is that the Repugs eliminated Paul Wellstone.  They've known 
how to jam aircraft instruments for years.  My ex-brother in law knew 
how to do it.  They eliminated the guy in Missouri who ran against the 
Christian thug Attorney General that the current shameless sycophant 
replaced.  All they need is bad weather to cover the hit.  Then there 
are the threats.  When they asked Al Gore, "How are you going to protect 
your family?", he ran like a scalded dog.  Did you see him gavel down 
the Florida representatives who tried to protest the vote in 2000?  It 
was as bizarre a scene as I've witnessed.  Why didn't he take their case 
himself?  Only one Senator had to do it (and not a chickenshit one of 
them would do it) if the Florida delegation was to get around the 
rip-off the Repugs did.  On AlterNet the other day, someone speculated 
that we've already had a military coup and they're slowly filling all 
the critical job slots in the government.  Has some merit, I think.  I 
thought it was against the law for an active military person to be the 
director of the CIA.  Guess not. 

The fact is, we, the people, have not elected Dubya to a single term of 
office.  How do we square that with the damage he's done?  The 
Constitution is shredded, the environment is ravaged, the largest 
transfer of wealth on record went to the richest of the socioeconomic 
top 1%, the US infrastructure is in rags, poverty is worse than it's 
been since the New Deal, and the smirking little bastard is still at 
it.  Who benefits?

Barack and/or Hillary could really win.  Whoever hogs the middle wins in 
the US.  The Repugs succeeded in moving the middle to the right, but it 
didn't last.  My Congressman, Lloyd Doggett, is the single sweetest 
human being in all of DC, but he won't take a stand against Nancy Pelosi 
and sign on to impeach Cheney after Dennis Kucinich introduced the 
legislation, even though Cheney is running an active and 
unconstitutional war against Iran out of his office with the old 
IranContra hands.  The real terrorists are here, in the US, and they 
hold power, and they hold the country hostage.


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