[permaculture] Ron Paul for president of the United States of America

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 10 13:43:36 EDT 2007

I live in Texas, I'm somewhat familiar with Ron Paul from roughnecking 
on oil rigs in his Congressional district some years ago, and I would 
vote for the common fascists running as Republicans a long time before 
voting for Dr. Paul, a wealthy ultraconservative physician Libertarian 
whose political project embodies the social values of a 17-year-old 
boy.  Yes, he opposes the war in Iraq, but WHY?  On what grounds?  He 
may advocate policies that sound good, on their surface, but the most 
minimal scratch beneath that surface reveals an unconsidered agenda.  
Articulation is not proof of consideration.  The ecological wisdom from 
which permaculture arises is absent from Libertarianism.  Libertarian 
dogma sets free every antisocial motivation one can think up, 
legitimizing social chaos in the name of some half-baked idea about 
liberation that fails moderately rigorous inquiry. 

Liberation, as Paulo Freire taught in /Pedagogy of the Oppressed/, 
occurs as a result of praxis, a conscious practice of taking action, 
reflecting on that action, taking another action based upon that 
reflection, and continuing the process until liberation is realized.  
Freire, a Brazilian, was a man of the same sort as the creators of 
Permaculture, a man of careful, informed thought.  Praxis and 
Libertarianism have nothing in common save words themselves.

Permaculture concerns observing the land to learn its lessons.  
Libertarianism concerns loosing monster boy (immature Warrior archetype) 
frat rats to ravage the land.  In other words, we get a deepening of the 
ubiquitous ecological and social destruction of the current illegitimate 
junta sitting in power over the people, if Dr. Paul is elected 
President.  I caution people to observe Libertarian dogma carefully 
before  thinking about endorsing this thought-challenged man or his 

70% of the US population has never stepped foot in a college classroom, 
thus never encountered Logic, Ethics, or Rhetoric.  This is a matter of 
policy.  The ruling elite of which Dr. Ron Paul is a member saw in 
California what happens when the state offers free college educations.  
Where the average US citizen read on a 10th grade level in 1970, they 
now read on a 6th grade level.  Creating the most ignorant electorate in 
the industrial world benefited someone.  The Presidential ambitions of 
Ron Paul certainly benefit.  No one possessing even the most vague 
familiarity with ecological wisdom would consider voting for what he 
represents, in my opinion. 

I'm an educated Green who votes Democratic as long as there are only two 
national political parties in the US with a prayer of governing.  
Actually, that's one, as the Republican Party, representing a minority 
of the US electorate (perhaps as low as 12% of the eligible voting 
population, considering 50% don't vote), seeks to rule rather than to 

Tommy Tolson
Austin, TX

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