[permaculture] Benign Neglect

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They are sweet cherries.  I am going to try and visit the orchard if I can and learn more.  Birds do love cherries.  I am having some look discouraging them by hanging used CDs in my fruit trees, but you have to remove them after fruiting and before they degenerate and spew plastic onto the landscape.

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Any idea what variety they are?  Are they sweet or pie cherries?
If only the robins didn't eat most of my cherries....

n Jun 5, 2007, at 11:02 AM, lbsaltzman at aol.com wrote:
 I buy some produce from a local fruitstand who deals with a lot of  
 local organic farmers.  They got in some incredible cherries and  
 the owner of the stand told me the story connected with them.  They  
 come from an abandoned orchard. The current owner of the orchard  
 ignores them and does absolutely nothing. He doesn't prune, weed,  
 fertilize, or spray the trees. They are totally ignored.  Once a  
 year a crew comes in and picks the cherries.  This has been going  
 on for twelve years yet with no reduction in quality or the size of  
 the crop.  There may be a lesson here for a lot of conventional  
 farmers who manage orchards.
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