[permaculture] spindle cut orchards

Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Tue Jun 5 00:49:53 EDT 2007

Mr. Blaha writes,

> Espalier techniques are the spindle technique taken to 
>the extreme...they ...Could be permaculture.
I figure permaculture designs borrow techniques as useful.  It is less 
the technique, but the system through which it is applied (while some 
techniques are only applied through dysfunctional systems I figure 
extreme pruning is not one of them).  Dwarfed trees could also be placed 
in created microclimates that support production outside commercial 
range that reduces impacts of food transport.  They better receive 
integrated pest management strategies reducing reliance on poisons.

This purity in pruning discussion reminds me of the rift within the 
green party in Germany -- "idealist" vs. "realist" 

While I in fact have hugged many trees -- I found permaculture so 
attractive because it tended to be very 'cosmology' neutral.  The degree 
to which a system successfully incorporates permaculture design is found 
in the ecological balance sheet -- inputs, outputs, resilience.  We have 
so far to go until we build a lifestyle that no longer feeds atrocious 
waste and destruction.  Until then, I have a hard time making 
distinctions over the intraspecies ethics of pruning styles.  What do 
you do with the prunings?  What are the other elements of the cultural 
system and which of those are necessitated by the pruning technique?  
How much energy does the system use?  What are the inputs and outputs?  
Is the soil increasing in fertility?

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