[permaculture] Organic no-till for dry-land farming?

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 03:42:22 EDT 2007

  I have 14 hectares (about 30 acres) of hill side land with a heavy clay soil.
  Apart from the garden area, where I grow our food, my initial interest is to
  rebuild the soil, the topsoil of which has largely washed away due to abusive
  agricultural practices (ploughing) under previous owners. 
  During the winter I have tried small grains, grasses, clover and legumes, 
  including field peas, lupines, fava beans, etc. During the spring and 
  summer I tried, sun flowers, dried beans, buckwheat, Sudan grass, etc.; 
  however, it is difficult to obtain sufficient weed suppression during the 
  I’m also starting to learn about natives, especially perennials, to use for
  soil building. But the task is complicated by the fact that there is very 
  little literature on the native flora in this region and the words the old 
  people use can often not even be found in a dictionary.
  I use mulch in the garden, but that is not feasible for the fields.
  Dieter Brand
CAVM at aol.com wrote:
What size is your garden or farm? What crops do you intend to produce?

Is your growing area too large to depend on mulch as a weed control and 
water conservation program?

Neal Van Milligen

Dieter Brand wrote:

I’m new to the list. I have been receiving your messages
for a while, but haven’t been able to participate in the 
discussions since I live in a remote region of Portugal 
without land line and without regular Internet access.

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