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Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jun 2 22:50:55 EDT 2007

Martin, good brief expose' there,
  I can't take credit, as with everything i state they come from other reputable sources though, The report you are referring to came from >From the Winter 2000 issue of Green Anarchy
  The G8 summit peaceful demonstrators had their gathering ruined by 
violent protesters,
read about it in today's news.
Yes this is probably true as the sheep employed as police are just trying to make a living like every body else It makes me wonder why murderers, terrorist, mass murders[ "don't kill politicians Big business leaders and Mass media owners" www.richardneville.com.au ]. The people who are and have knowingly killed millions including the 27,000 who die every day from starvation the 100's of species who are driven to extinction every day and the constant destruction of the environment,
  The Prime Minister  of Australia is still in denial of global warming and places the economy over the morality of taking steps to combat climate change.
  Warning this is a very heavy picture, it will shock you to the core of your being



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