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J Kolenovsky garden at hal-pc.org
Sat Jun 2 21:37:25 EDT 2007

Martin, good brief expose' there. Like I told the Japanese young man the
other day,
 U N I T E D   W E  S T A N D,  D I V I D E D   W E   F A L L. Lord, I
hope people haven't forgotten that.  For this self-sustainable culture
to evolve, it'll be us (permies), they and them. If they and them don't
want to play, then us will have to really beef up and fortify ourselves
to prepare for localization, centralized mass transit,
self-sustainability, food cultivation, self - repair and the art of
light manufacture. And should society degenerate to Mad Maxx quality of
life, arms and munitions manufacturing would be of hand. But, if they
could just plant that 1st seed.... (as the apes jump around the obelisk
beating their sticks at dawn)

J Kolenovsky <garden at hal-pc.org> wrote:     I am really enjoying all the
responses to this topic. And, I might add,
well, o-k I will, that I've and I'm sure others have gotten some killer
ideas from these responses. If there is anyone else out there that has
some grubstake on this topic, let us hear from you.
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  *Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard Into a Garden & Your 
into a Community
* by Heather Colburn Flores
2006, $25, 330pp.
US Canada Elsewhere
$27.50 $28.75 $31.00
  FOOD NOT LAWNS! Can you dig it!?!?
By Tobias Policha
>From the Winter 2000 issue of Green Anarchy

The vast expanse of forever-green American lawn is not only the most 
resource intensive agricultural crop in the world, but also an obscene 
icon to our arrogant privilege and total alienation from a life in 
harmony with nature.

Either we take responsibility for living in an ecologically sustainable 
way or we and the earth will certainly perish. The choice is ours. The 
techniques are not difficult and can be learned from books, 
experimentation and the people around you. Seeds will grow. We just need
to plant 
them. We need FOOD NOT LAWNS! Dig It!


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