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Nice posts today.  This brings to light a fairly new concept called 
urban orcharding - where the whole idea is to keep the trees small. 
That is done through pruining.  I have recently posted a lot of 
information on my web site and blog on the topic so I won't repeat 
myself here.

Link to my blog - With pictures of my apple tree hedge.

Here is a link to an article on the topic and make sure you download 
the Backyard Orchard Culture document from Dave Wilson Nursery.  The 
link is embedded in this document. 


>I had some friends over for breakfast this morning and I mentioned
>this.  After that I want to talk about it here more.
>I guess what I'm fishing for here is not just more info.  I want to
>either get comfortable with the idea, or I want to get support for why
>it ain't permaculture.
>At the moment, I feel pretty outraged at this practice.  I'm open to
>the idea that I am simply ignorant - with a little more understanding
>a path will be illuminated to show that this practice can be
>incorporated into permaculture.  But my gut says that ain't the case.
>Lack of diversity bugs me.
>Lack of canopy layers bugs me.
>But I think the thing that bugs me the most is that the trees are
>treated so disrepectfully.  It reminds me of debeaking chickens or
>confining pigs into something where they cannot turn around.  I've
>never been one to do physically hug a tree - I keep the chain on my
>saw pretty sharp and I'm not bashful about taking out trees to help
>the farm - or me.  But it is done with the idea that I am working with
>nature.  This seems  ....  twisted.  Is this not one of God's
>creatures that is being shackled and squeezed to produce more money?
>It seems icky.  It seems far from permaculture.  It smells like a new
>direction from big ag.
>Or maybe I just don't fully understand it yet and I'm just reactionary.
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