[permaculture] Organic certification labels

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Sat Jun 2 12:36:26 EDT 2007

Wrong.   USDA Organics does not allow chemical
fertilizers of pesticides of any sort whatsoever.

ALL of the accreditated certifying agencies that 
certify organically grown foods under the USDA-NOP
follow the same guidelines.

IOIA provides professional training for organic
farm inspection.

Where did you hear that chemical fertilizers 
are allowed in USDA organics?  It sounds like
a B-rated martian movie from Saturday nite TV. 

Steve Diver 

>Can someone help answer the following for a neighbor of mine?
>Is it just the USDA that allows chemical fertilizers to be used 
>on foods with the designation "organic?" What about other certifying 
>organizations (Oregon Tilth, Quality Assurance International, and 
>OCIA are listed on just a few of the products on my shelf...)?
>Thank you in advance.

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