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Krista lightleightread at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 23:41:31 EDT 2007

Jody Troupe wrote:

>I haven't read everything coming through this thread,
but I did read 
>the "Lawn care in the Afterlife", and it really does
point out how >stupid lawns are.

>But, I don't think its entirely fair to bash the
lawn-growing people 
>when that is what the CITIES enforce.

I think lawns are very pretentious. The history of the
lawn as we know it, was for the very wealthy to have a
large expanse of manicured lawn to show that they were
so rich that they didn't have to grow their own food.
The bigger the lawn, the richer they were, as they
could afford to be wasteful with their land. Pretty
disgusting, but lawns (and now SUVs) continue to be a
status symbol to many Americans.

I have 15'x15' front "lawn" that is more weed than
grass. I don't ever water or fertilize it, however it
does get mowed frequently thanks to my friendly
neighbor who mows mine when he mows his. 

I have plans of redoing all of my small front lawn
into a garden, with a mix of mostly native flowers and
groundcover, and a few edibles. If I were to have a
real vegetable garden, which I would like, it would
need to go in the front, but as Jody points out, I
might be in for a big fight with the city. I would
think that a lovely veggie garden would look much
nicer than a lawn, but I doubt my neighbors would

During World War II, citizens were encouraged to plant
their own vegetable garden, a "victory garden," in
order to re-direct the country's resources in order to
fight the war. Wouldn't it be great to see our
government to do that again, making it a status symbol
and patriotic to grow your own food, even in the
cities, instead of giving people citations for doing


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