[permaculture] Lawn

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Fri Jun 1 14:43:46 EDT 2007

I think a lawn full of diversity can be a beautiful and useful thing.

It's a great place for children to play and adults to visit.  Beats
cement and/or wood decks.

And when it comes to america and the laws requiring a lawn, there are
ways to do it organically and fitting in with permaculture.

I wrote an article on this around 1994 or so and put it up on the
internet in 1995.   If you google "organic lawn", it is usually the
first link (it used to come up first for "lawn care" - but that ended
about a year ago - now it's all commercial stuff).  See

The recent article posted about god and lawns is something that I had
on my site about 1997.  I was contacted by a woman that claimed to be
the original author.  She is now properly credited at the bottom of
the article on my site.

A lawn rich with yarrow, chamomile, crocus, clover, dandelion and all
sorts of flowers seems inviting to me.  Blowing on dandelion seed
heads seems like the perfect way to please all permies and ... um
.....  present an opportunity for the less educated to hear about the
benefits of the dandelion.  :)

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